Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Franking Machine

  • You Save Up To 30% Off Postage
  • You Create A Professional Image
  • You Pay Exact Postage Every Time
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Franking Machine Prices & Costs

Pitney Bowes DM100 Franking Machine Franking machine prices vary widely in the UK. Generally speaking you have two options when you want to get one. You can either buy or rent:

If you choose to purchase your machine outright you can expect to pay anywhere from £1,000 for the most basic new models all the way up to £20,000+ for the highest end machines. Keep in mind as prices increase, your machine will have additional features that go far beyond basic franking.

If you opt to go the rental route, you can expect to pay as little as £14.99 a month (often with the first 30 days free) for the same basic model and up to £500 a month for a really high-volume mailing machine.

However, keep in mind that both options are just for the machines themselves not extras. You’ll still have to pay for ink, labels, and the price of post as well (up to 34% less with a franking machine). Additional costs include mandatory manual maintenance and inspections. These costs will depend on what type of machine you use.

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Buying Vs. Renting (or Leasing) a Franking Machine

Should I buy or rent my franking machine? This is a very common question people ask when first looking to get a machine. Unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer. To figure out which is right for you have a look at the pros and cons of each option below:

Pros of Buying:

  • You own the machine.
  • Complete control over supplies, usage, etc.
  • Often lower total lifetime cost.

Cons of Buying:

  • High initial cost (at least £1,000 for a new machine).
  • Potentially expensive repair bill if something breaks and you don’t have a service contract.
  • Risk your model may become obsolete, which can make finding supplies more difficult.

Pros of Renting/Leasing:

  • Low initial invest (as low as £14.99 a month).
  • Service contracts often included in rental price.
  • Upgrade your machine at the end of your contract.

Cons of Renting/Leasing:

  • You don’t own the machine.
  • Less control over supplies.
  • Total life time costs can be significantly higher.
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Franking Machine Companies

Whether you choose to rent or buy your machine, it will be built by one of the 4 following manufacturers:



The largest franking machine manufacturer and supplier in the UK. Neopost also has one of the biggest product ranges of any franking machine company. From the basic IS-240 which is designed to handle fewer than 20 pieces of mail a day all the way up to the high-volume IS-6000, which can handle thousands of letters a day.

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Pitney Bowes


The oldest franking machine company in the world. Like Neopost it also has a range of models for small businesses, all the way up to large corporations. For low-volume needs look to the incredibly popular DM50 which easily fits on a desk. At the other extreme have a look at their Connect+ series, which franks mail in a fraction of a second, but does take up a bit more space.

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FP Mailing


Formerly Francotyp Postalia, FP Mailing is a large German company which makes a small range of high quality franking machines. Customers don’t have as much choice as with Neopost or Pitney Bowes, but if one of their machines does meet your needs you can feel confident they are well built.

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Frama is the smallest of the 4 franking machine manufacturers. Consequently, it too does not offer a huge range of models. Yet, it does offer machines for both the top, middle and bottom end of the market. If you’re going to get a franking machine be sure you also compare what they have to offer.

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Who Sells/Rents The Machines Above?

Want to know how to get one of the machines above? Well you’ll have two choice. You can either buy or more likely rent from one of Royal Mail’s list of approved companies and suppliers or you can go direct to one of the companies above.

It’s highly advised that you get multiple quotes from different companies before settling on one. And don’t assume manufacturers always have the best prices.

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How To Send Franked Mail

To send franked mail you can either drop it off at a post office location near you or have it picked up for collection. Which option you choose will depnd on the volume of franked mail you send.

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