FP Mailing Franking Machines – Prices, Models & Supplies

FP Mailing Franking Machines – Prices, Models & Supplies

FP Mailing (formerly Francotyp Postalia) is one the smaller manufacturers of franking machines in the UK. Nevertheless, they do have a reputation for quality and uniqueness so are worth looking into when thinking about getting a franking machine.

Similar to all other companies they offer machines at the low, middle and high-end of the market.

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Low Volume Franking (Up to 20 Letters Per Day)

FP Mailing offers the mymail for low volume franking. Similar machines from other companies include the Pitney Bowes DM50, Neopost IS-240 and Frama EcoMail. Each of these machines is designed for people sending no more than 20 letters a day.

Pricing: Like other similar machines you can rent the mymail starting at £20 a month for a long term contract and may be able to purchase one for just over £1,000. However, for exact figures please click here to get a quote

Model: mymail

Mid-Volume Franking (20-150 letters per Day)

Mid-volume franking machines are where FP mailing really shines. Currently they offer 3 different product lines and 5 models of machines to serve this market. The Optimail 35 is the basic mid-volume model which can handle 35 letters per minute.

The PostBase series of machines are unique in the franking world because they come in multiple colours. The Qi3, Qi4 and Qi6 are all relatively powerful machines that will have you sending franked post in no time.

The ultimail 95 is the highest mid-volume machine FP currently offers can frank up to 95 items per minute.

Pricing: You may be able to get an Optimail 35 for around £35 a month, whereas as the ultimail 95 will likely cost you around £100 a month with the PostBase series coming in somewhere in between. These prices will vary based on contract length, use and service needs, for exact prices be sure to get a quote

Models:Optimail 35, PostBase Qi3, PostBase Qi4, PostBase Qi6 and ultimail 95

High-Volume Franking (150+ Letters Per Day)

FP only offers a single high-volume machine, the centormail 300. Capable of handling up to 140 items per minute it’s, as fast as any of the competing products from Pitney Bowes, Neopost or Frama.

Based around a modular design you can add extra features to it to further enhance and expand its power.

Pricing: Not surprisingly for a high-end machine it’s not cheap. You can expect to pay £250 per month minimum to rent and well over £10,000 if you want to buy it. The good news is that you can save money by getting a quote.

Model: centormail 300

How To Get a FP Mailing Franking Machine

MyMail the cheapest model from FP Mailing
MyMail the cheapest model from FP Mailing

Franking machines remain regulated by the Royal Mail and as a result you essentially have one of two choices when it comes getting an FP Mailing franking machine. Either you can get in contact with FP Mailing directly and see how much they’ll charge or you can get in contact with an authorised reseller/maintainer.

We recommend you do both to make sure you get the best deal based on your circumstances:

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FP Mailing Franking Supplies

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