FP Centormail 300 Franking Machine

The FP Centormail 300.

The Francotyp Postalia Centormail 300 franking machine is a high tech and very versatile piece of equipment, designed for high volume franking. The immediate impression of the device is the very low noise level when operating, almost whisper quiet, at just 60 dBA.

Beneficial Features

New components can be added to the basic model as your needs change and grow. These adaptations include dynamic scales, automatic feeder system and additional software.

The integrated scales can handle packages of up to 5 kg, although a separate weighing platform is available to accommodate packages weighing up to 30 kg.

Like most high volume franking machines of quality, the Centormail 300 is easy to use with a clear and intelligently led step-by-step digital display screen. This allows for quick operation and fewer errors being made.

Built in is the FP-Telset service which allows users to upload additional requirements at the touch of a button.

Larger envelopes up to 20 mm thick can be accommodated easily, as can jiffy bags.

Print quality is very high due to an electronic inkjet print head that does not actually touch the item being franked.

Additional features can be incorporated into the franking stamp, including your company logo or up to 15 other individual logos. Marketing and advertising texts can also be included in the final stamp display.

Up to 9 individual advertising messages and a further 9 typical mail messages can be selected, with the option of more available by utilising the Centromail card.

Secure and Efficient

Only individuals within the company who have access to the Centromail’s special card system can operate the franking machine. This means that no unauthorised personnel are able to run up postal bills. Changes to postage rates can be uploaded by inserting a new updated card.

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