Francotyp Postalia PostBase Qi3

Francotyp-Postalia, or FP, a German based company, was founded in 1923 and now distribute mailroom products across the globe through over 80 distributors.

One product FP has manufactured is the Qi3, a compact franking machine, only 34 cm wide, and suitable for small businesses sending 30 to 50 items a day.

The Francotyp Postalia PostBase Qi3 is compact yet great for small businesses.

Small Packages

This model comes with an integral 3 kg weighing platform enabling accurate postage to be calculated.

Mail is hand-fed and ejected and the Qi3 takes letters up to 10 mm thick, producing up to 30 pieces per minute.

Using new MailMark technology from Royal Mail, a 2-D barcode is franked onto all mail or labels using customary blue ink. MailMark will also give you access to lower franking prices in First Class, Airmail and Next Day Delivery categories.

Operators of any ability can use this model’s 4.3″ colour display touch-screen to access various menus and settings. PIN protection is available for added security for up to 10 accounting departments.

Slogans and advertising can also be added onto envelopes to promote special offers and company logos.

Envelopes compatible for the Qi3 are DL, C5 and C4.

Optional Extras

  • Choose from a range of 5 fun colours: blue, black, gold, silver or red
  • Add a letter feeder to speed up franking production
  • Calculate postage costs with differential weighing


Genuine products are available via the internet and costs are dependent on amounts required.

200 labels can cost around £10 whilst 1,000 are only £20. For 50 envelopes you can expect to pay £10 and £30 for 250.

Like all franking machines the PostBase Qi3 can be bought or more commonly rented at a variety of price points. To find out further information you’ll have to get a quote. Click here to find out more.

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