FP PostBase Qi4 Franking Machine

The FP PostBase Qi4.

Post Office queues can be tedious and time consuming especially if your business handles a substantial amount of mail.

Franking mail is the best alternative – making posting letters cheaper and quicker all round.

The FP Qi4 is stylish, compact and perfect for companies with a low to medium turnover of mail. Available in 5 optional vibrant shades, with a 4.5″ colour touch-screen control panel and add-on peripheral options, this machine will look good whilst doing the job. Step-by-step instructions enable any user to frank mail successfully at the touch of just one button.


Amongst its many easy-to-use features the Qi4:

  • Franks up to 45 letters per minutes
  • Has a 5 kg integrated scale
  • Has a label dispenser
  • Holds up to 30 accounts
  • WiFi or LAN connectivity with additional 2 USB ports
  • Is whisper quiet
  • Speed upgrades
  • Supports SMS text messages
  • Allows free standard business advertisement
  • Offers Navigator Plus accounting software

Optional Features

Extras to aid the running of your mail room or office include Mailmark – a Post Office based service for franking machines which, used alongside Smart Meter, will reduce postal costs further.

Differential weighing options are also available alongside an automated feeding system to really increase productivity.


  • Up to 2,700 letters franked per hour
  • Colour touch-screen
  • Accepts up to 10 mm letter thickness
  • Letter tray
  • Label dispenser
  • Accounts printing
  • PIN security code


Shopping around for the best deal for the FP Qi4 is advisable. Purchasing a machine could cost around *£3,500 and monthly rentals currently start at *£50.

*Prices as of September 2014.

To find out further information specific to your business, you’ll need to get a quote. Click here to find out more.

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