FP PostBase Qi6 Franking Machine

The FP PostBase Qi6.

The Francotyp Postalia PostBase Qi6 is a compact and really easy to use franking machine which is essentially the main selling point of this model. The stylish machine blends perfectly into your office environment and although it may not be able to complete as many processes as some of the more technically advanced models on the market, it is very intuitive and so user-friendly that it does make it ideal for a new, perhaps smaller business. The price is also much lower.

Beneficial Features

The machine can process mail that is up to ten millimetres thick and printing is smudge free and of the highest quality.

It takes up much less space than many other models and has a 4.3 inch touch-screen that presents the user with a step-by-step, walk-through guide, ensuring each job is completed to their satisfaction. This model also comes in five different colours so it can easily blend in with your office decor.

The Qi6 is highly customisable. It has 3 different speeds to choose from and you can even have your company name or slogan printed onto any letters by choosing the relevant program.

As an additional benefit, the machine will operate in complete silence, so you can place it wherever you want, without having to worry about noise levels distracting your workforce.


This machine is cheap, easy to use and highly efficient at dealing with small quantities of mail which therefore makes it ideal for smaller businesses.

To find out further information specific to your business, you’ll need to get a quote. Click here to find out more.

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