Frama Franking Machines – Prices, Models & Supplies

Frama Franking Machines – Prices, Models & Supplies

Frama is the smallest of the UK’s franking machine manufacturers, offering the most limited range of machines. However, just because it doesn’t make as many different machines, doesn’t mean that don’t have one you’ll want.

If you’re in the market for a franking machine you should at look at what they offer:

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Low Volume Franking (Less Than 30 Items Per day)

EcoMail is Frama’s single low volume franking machine. While the machine is only designed to handle a modest 20-30 letters per day, it still has many of the functions of more advanced machines. It is classified as a SMART meter by Royal Mail, which means your machine can easily be updated and make sure it charges the correct amount of VAT each and every time.

Pricing: You can expect to pay around £20 a month to rent or perhaps a little over £1,000 to buy one of these machines. For exact prices click here to get a quote.

Model: EcoMail

Mid-Volume Franking (30-100 Items per Day)

Like most franking machine companies Frama has decided to focus on the middle range of the market. It has 5 mid-volume models all using the Matrix brand name. They are the F2-L, F2, F4-L, F4 and F6 machines.

These machines are all designed for users who need a bit more mailing power than just the basic EcoMail machine. The F6 even qualifies for Business Mail rates from Royal Mail, although you have to send a least 500 items per month to qualify.

Pricing: Generally speaking you can expect to pay somewhere between £30 and £100 for a Frama Matrix franking machine depending on contract length and usage options. Get a quote for exact prices.

Models: Matrix F2-L, Matrix F2, Matrix F4-L, Matrix F4 and Matrix F6

High Volume Franking (100+ Items per Day)

Frama’s only high-volume franking machine is the Mailmax II Speed. However, it can process up to 10,000 letters per hour, which makes it on par with the best machines from Pitney Bowes or Neopost.

Frama also offers many peripherals that can further enhance the features of the Mailmax II Speed such as a stacker and heavy duty scales. Just be aware that this machine should really only be considered by those who have the heaviest duty mailing needs.

Pricing: Rental and lease prices will run at a minimum of £150 per month for long term contracts. The good news is that you can save when you get a quote to compare prices.

Model: Mailmax II Speed

How To Get a Frama Franking Machine

The EcoMail is Frama's cheapest model
The EcoMail is Frama’s cheapest model

Since Frama is the smallest franking machine manufacturer it also has the fewest number of suppliers offering their machines. However, you can get an accurate quote by clicking on the link below:

Click Here To Compare Frama Franking Machine PricesIt is still advised you get quotes from the other manufacturers and suppliers to compare similar machines. You want to make sure you get the right machine for your needs at a price you can not only afford, but will give you the greatest savings.

Frama Franking Supplies

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