Frama EcoMail Franking Machine

If you only have small amounts of mail to frank and you want an eco-friendly solution, the compact Frama EcoMail franking machine could be the perfect solution for your needs. However, just because it’s a small volume model doesn’t mean that this entry-level option is lacking in features.

The Frama EcoMail.


The Frama EcoMail works on a manual feed with an automatic rejection system. It is capable of franking up to 2,000 items per hour (33 items per minute) but, realistically, you’re probably looking at a maximum of 20 items per minute.

Once you have selected the postal service you require, the machine will automatically select the correct postage amount. It has a large touch-screen (Com Touch) with programmable keys to save 9 fixed values for regular jobs. It can take letters up to 6 mm thick and will print labels for larger packages. If you need to weigh anything heavier than is supported by the integrated 2.5 kg scale, you can purchase optional 5 or 15 kg platforms. You can also upload up to 8 different marketing slogans at a time.

The option to use a rechargeable ribbon cassette (EcoFill) means that this franking machine is more eco-friendly than most.

The Frama EcoMail is Royal Mail approved and has a SMART meter for easy VAT reporting. It comes with two cost centres for managing your mail expenditure, which are protected by a PIN code. Remote uploading of postal credits and high-value blocking are also supported. If you opt for the Frama F-Link system, you can integrate the machine with your company’s network.

The Frama EcoMail comes in two colours: anthracite or blue.


Anticipate paying around £2,000 to buy a new machine and at least £20 per month to rent. You will also need to budget for service and maintenance contracts.

To find out further information specific to your business, you’ll need to get a quote. Click here to find out more.

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