Frama Matrix F2 Franking Machine

The Frama Matrix 2, a low to mid volume entry level franking machine, has got lots to offer small to medium businesses. Gone are the days of time consuming trips to the Post Office when needing to send out letters with specific mailing requirements. The great news is that now these Special and Recorded Delivery items can be posted out alongside your regular mail. The Frama Matrix 2 can be set up to generate the correct postal rates and barcodes for items requiring Special Delivery and Recorded Delivery. As with standard post, the item is placed on the connected electronic scale, the delivery option is selected and then the Frama Matrix 2 automatically obtains the correct postage rates from the FramaOnline2 data centre.

The Frama Matrix F2 is a Franking Machine with intelligence.

A Machine with Intelligence

The Frama Matrix 2, with built-in modem, incorporates the high-tech patented ComTouch user system. In short, this advanced interface offering 18 programmable one-touch functions accesses only relevant, in the moment, information on the control panel, using finger-tip commands.

Versatile yet Simple

The Frama Matrix F2 arrives readily configured and the Plug&Play system makes the process of setting up the machine with personal preferences, and installing and changing ink cartridges extremely simple.

Impress customers by utilising the communication and promotional services available – three pre-programmed messages, two unique self-programmable messages, and five advertising stamps. The HQ print mode with 600 dpi gives a high-quality finish and this machine has a built-in Smart Meter so VAT services can also be franked. A SMART meter is a franking machine that has been upgraded to frank VAT products and therefore is required to print with BLUE ink.

There are two cost centre allocations with clear text titles, providing overviews of departmental use and the costs involved.

A variety of reports can be also produced, including pro-forma invoices, postage statements, and receipt printouts for postage loadings.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 345 mm (w) x 400 mm (d) x 230 mm (h)
  • Speed: 1250 letters per hour
  • Scale: 2 kg (with 15 kg or 5 kg option)
  • Envelope format: DL, C5 & C4
  • Feed Method: By hand and automatic, side letter ejection to the left
  • Label Dispenser: N/A
  • Job memories: Yes


  • Accepts envelopes up to 10 mm thick
  • Automatic date setting plus an incoming mail stamp function
  • Blocks high franking amounts (for added security)
  • Advertising stamp without adding postage

Value in the Workplace

For those who want the Frama quality but do not need a high specification model, the Frama Matrix F2 is ideal. It is priced between £2,000 to £3,000, or around £30 a month to lease or rent. Frama ink cartridges cost around £86, however recycled cartridges can be purchased from other suppliers for about £40.

Like all franking machines the Frama Matrix F2 can be bought or more commonly rented at a variety of price points. To find out further information you’ll have to get a quote. Click here to find out more.

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