How To Use A Franking Machine

How To Use A Franking Machine

Using a franking machine isn’t really that difficult once you know the basics. However, using a basic low volume model is a little different from using high end professional one.

The following videos give you some instructions on how to use different franking machines:

How To Use A Low-Volume Machine

As you can see there is not a whole lot you have to do when using most low volume models. Just weigh your mail, put it in the machine and you’re done.

How To Use A Mid-Volume Machine

With most mid-volume models you have a whole lot more features. Deferential weighing, pass through processing and envelope sealers are just three of the more common additional features you can expect to find on these machines.

How To Use A High-Volume Machine

Fully automatic feeding (even for large letters) and custom messages are just some of the enhanced features you’ll find on the highest end machines.

Other Tips To Using A Franking Machine

While the videos show some of the ways to use a franking machine that don’t include everything. Here are some other key tips:

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