Franking Machine Ink

Franking Machine Ink

There are lots of places you can buy cheap franking machine ink cartridges both online and off. Yet, you have to be careful about where and what you buy. Read our tips section, find ink by manufacturer, or browse our the current best online deals.

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While the suppliers above certainly have the best deals, it may come at a cost to your machine. For higher quality ink look at the suppliers below:

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Franking Machine Ink By Company

  • Pitney Bowes Ink
  • Neopost Ink
  • FP Mailing Ink
  • Frama Ink


Just like franking machines themselves, franking machine ink can seem unnecessarily expensive. Nevertheless, you have to be very careful about buying just any kind of ink for your franking machine as getting the wrong ink can invalidate your warranty and contract.

Here are some basic tips on how to buy the right ink, but for more detailed information talk to your service company:

  1. Always make sure you only buy ink that’s compatible with your franking machine. Each series of machines use different sized cartridges, which won’t fit all other machines even from the same company.
  2. Also check if the ink is authroised by Royal Mail as being compatible with your machine. Given the high cost of ink some companies have started to sell generic ink. While this is often much cheaper it can invalidate your rental agreement and/or machine warranty.
  3. Check if your machine needs to use red ink or blue ink. All new SMART franking machines are required to switch to using blue ink once their red ink cartridge runs out. Older Non-SMART franking machines can still use red ink.
  4. If switching between red and blue ink it’s highly advised that you do son only through your service company as the process can be a little tricky. If done incorrectly it can damage your machine.
  5. If you do buy generic ink (not recommended) make sure you get your machine inspected and cleaned (required by law) slightly more frequently as lower quality ink can cause jams in your machine.

Really that’s all the basics you need to know about franking machine ink. For questions, you are recommended to speak to your lease/service company. However, please do feel free to leave comments below.

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