Neopost Franking Machines – Prices, Models & Supplies

Neopost Franking Machines – Prices, Models & Supplies

Neopost is the largest manufacturer and supplier of franking machines in the UK and Europe and the second largest worldwide. They also offer more models for sale or rent than any other UK company.

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Low Volume Franking (15-100 items per day)

Neopost offers 4 low volume franking models at the current time. Their most basic model is the IS-240 which is designed for businesses that send only a handful of letters and/or parcels a day.

At the top end of the low volume category is the IS-350, which can frank up to 40 letters a minute, barely low volume at all! Other models include the award winning IS-280 and IS-330 workhorse.

Pricing: Prices for the IS-240 starts at around £20 a month to rent or can sometimes be purchased for just under £1,000. If you need something with a bit more speed the IS-350 can be leased for around £50 a month or may be purchased for somewhere in the region of £3,500. For exact prices click here to get a quote.

Models: IS-240, IS-280, IS-330, IS-350

Mid-Volume Franking (100-300 items per day)

For businesses that need a bit more franking power Neopost has 3 mid-volume machines which can frank your stack of mail in no time flat. The IS-420 is a more powerful version of the IS-350 and can frank up to 65 letters a minute.

However, for serious franking you may wish to look at the IS-480 which more than doubles the performance of the IS-420, franking up to 150 letters per minute. Finally for something in between Neopost also offers the IS-440.

Pricing: Franking machines in this range will generally cost £60-120 a month to lease or rent. Buying is more difficult and a lot more costly, with prices starting at around £4,000 and going up to £8,000. While this may seem like a lot, the savings will easily offset the cost even if just sending 100 items per day. To find out exact prices click here to get a quote.

Models: IS-420, IS-440, IS-480

High-Volume Franking (300+ items per day)

Neopost has serious heavy franking users covered with the IS-5000 and IS-6000. These are among the fastest franking machines on the market and can handle extreme volumes of post. With these machines you can frank up to 300 letters per minute, which means your staff get through your mailing requirements faster.

Pricing: Of course high-tech, high-powered machines such as those don’t come cheap. Prices will vary depending on supplier but expect to pay around £500 a month for the IS-6000 and bit less for the IS-5000. Purchasing may be an option, but will run you a minimum of £15,000 not including maintenance costs. However, if you send 3000+ items per month you’ll still save money with either of these machines. For exact prices click here to get a quote.

Models: IS-5000, IS-6000

How To Get a Neopost Franking Machine

The IS-240 is the cheapest from Neopost
The IS-240 is the cheapest from Neopost

Given that Neopost are the largest franking machine manufacturer in the UK, you won’t have too much trouble renting or leasing either from the company itself or straight from an authorised franking machine supplier. Often you can get the first 30-days free to see if the machine you choose is right for your business.

If you wish to purchase your machine you may face slightly more difficulty as companies aren’t quite as keen to sell as they are to rent. That said no matter which route you go down you’ll want to make sure you compare the full costs of any model you wish to consider.

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Neoopost Franking Supplies

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