Neopost IJ25 Franking Machine

Whatever the size and type of your business, you will probably find it cost-effective to buy or rent a franking machine. A machine will save time and money as your postage will always be accurate and you will benefit from discounts on prices, saving up to 34%. If your company is fairly small, the Neopost IJ25 could be a suitable choice.

The Neopost IJ25 Franking Machine.


The IJ25 is lightweight and quiet in operation. It is suitable for businesses generating up to 50 letters a day and can process 20 envelopes per minute. It has an integral 2 kg electronic scale, a modem and telephone line for automatic updating of postage costs and the memory can be programmed to hold everyday postage prices. You can also preset 8 messages to customize your mail.


The IJ25 is no longer in production as it has been superseded by a new range. However, it is possible to buy a used model for around *£495 including one year’s servicing and a 5 year or 100,000 impression warranty. A maintenance contract would be *£149 per year thereafter.

If it is more appropriate for your business to rent a machine, the cost would be around *£22.95 per month or *£29.95 including free cartridges, which normally cost around *£39.95 and last for up to 2,500 impressions.

Why Neopost?

Neopost has been around since 1924, is one of the most highly regarded manufacturers of franking machines and is recommended by Royal Mail. If you make the decision to purchase or rent a franking machine for your business, the Neopost IJ25 could well be a cost-effective choice.

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*Costs as of September 2014.

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