Neopost IJ35 Franking Machine

The Neopost IJ35.

Purchasing or renting franking machines can be a little confusing at times, considering the vast range of specifications and products available.

Buying or renting a used machine is a good starting point for many businesses, keeping costs to a minimum whilst their trade grows.

One of the leading franking machine manufacturers is Neopost, a global company who entered the UK market in 1924.

Whilst still being in excellent working order, discontinued Neopost models are widely available, along with relevant stationary. One such machine is the Neopost IJ35.


Designed for businesses requiring up to 300 mailings per day, this product is capable of producing 70 letters per minute.

The IJ35 has an integral 2 kg weighing scale giving the user accurate readings and automatic postal tariffs. Optional 5 kg or 50 kg scales are also available for this machine.

The IJ35 is hand fed and ejected by the operator although look out for models with an auto-feed tray to free up the user for other tasks.

High resolution inkjet technology means it delivers crisp, clean franking every time, using logos and advertising slogans relevant to your company. Up to 10 advertisements and 5 text messages can be stored.

5 pre-programmed jobs can be saved in the IJ35’s memory and for accounting purposes up to 35 departmental accounts can be created and accessed.


  • Up to 3,600 items per hour
  • Envelope thickness: 6 mm automatic, 10 mm manual
  • Automatic label dispenser – up to 50
  • 5 job memories
  • 10 slogans
  • 5 texts
  • 2 kg scale

Please note that this model is not MailMark compliant.


Rental of the Neopost IJ35 can cost around *£55 – £60 per month (including service and support) and to purchase this model you can expect to pay around *£800 including warranty.

Stationary is also widely available and replacement inkjet cartridges cost around *£195 (12,500 prints), franking labels are *£16.95 (1,000) and envelopes *£29.95 (250).

*Prices as of September 2014.

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