Neopost IJ45 Franking Machine

The Neopost IJ45.

The Neopost IJ45 franking machine is produced for medium sized businesses and has a franking capacity of up to 5,400 mailing items per hour. The machine is designed to operate in a small office or post room and handle letters and small packages.


The IJ45 does not require any special expertise to get the machine up and running. It is simply a case of loading an ink cartridge and labels, connecting power and an analogue telephone cable. If additional optional items are purchased e.g. an Autofeed module and/or weighing scales, these will require connection as well. Entry must also be made through the Supervisor mode for passwords, PINS, machine and other accounting parameters. Simply follow the clear and concise instructions contained with the Operator Guide.

Key Features

The key features of the IJ45 include:

  • Envelope processing speed of up to 60 envelopes per minute
  • Ability to deal with mail packages, both manually and automatically up to 10mm thick
  • The use of Ink Jet printing
  • Automating frequent jobs through the use of up to 5 Presets
  • Automatic Feeder (optional) enabling a great range of envelope sizes and thicknesses
  • Weigh Platform (optional) with a weight capacity of 2kg
  • A display panel interface with specific function buttons and numeric keypad
  • Up to 45 departmental accounts
  • Print up to 10 customised slogans
  • Controlled access to the machine through use of the Supervisor Mode including enabling password/PIN creation, account set up and reporting
  • Envelope size CL to D4


The IJ45 is generally low-maintenance with the most common task being the cleaning of ink cartridges through the Operator Display Panel or simply replacing spent cartridges.

Running Costs

Typical expendables for the IJ45 will include ink cartridges, labels and reporting stationary, with most expensive being ink cartridges. Purchasing the correct compatible ink cartridge is very important with indicative prices for cartridges ranging from £90 to £120 with an impression capacity of 12,000.


Reference should be made to an Error Code displayed in the Display Panel which will refer to the problem. The user should also refer to the small Troubleshooting section in the User’s Guide which will list the more common problems and how to deal with them.


As a precursor to any mail being franked, an account must be set up with MSL Credifon. This account will enable credit to be purchased through the IJ45 display panel and added to the account. The machine makes use of the internal modem to dial up Credifon and is a mandatory requirement of the Royal Mail.

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