Neopost IJ70 Franking Machine

The Neopost IJ70.

The Neopost IJ70 is a simple to use, compact and easily-sited franking machine measuring just 46 x 57 cm in length (84 cm when using the optional auto-feed attachment). Capable of handling varied types of mail, and printing on envelopes and labels of all sizes at the rate of 150 per minute (85 per minute when using the dynamic weighing scale option), it is ideal for any office environment.

Beneficial Features

The IJ70 uses inkjet printing for clear and concise results and has an easy-to-use graphic screen, accessing the various printing options.

In addition to the usual classes of mail stamp, the machine has a store of advertisement messages that can be added to your mail as well as free format text which allows you to choose your own.

There is the provision to store up to ten different job types, so your most used mail shots can be accessed with ease when required.

You also have the option of using the auto-feed unit, which processes large amounts of mail continuously and can deal with a range of different sized items, from postcards to large envelopes, and thicker items (up to 1.5 cm). For more bulky items, there is the facility to print off labels.

You can create different accounts for all of your business departments and monitor postage costs independently for each.

Is it Mailmark Compliant?

This model does not have the capability to be set for Mailmark compliance. Mailmark is a relatively new service offered by Royal Mail which franks a 2-D barcode on your mail allowing much faster processing. If you did require this service, this would not be the machine for you. However, the lack of this option does not detract from this model’s simplicity and efficiency.


Typical purchase costs range somewhere between £4,000 and £8,000. However, as this model is now on the discontinued list at Neopost, it may be possible to source a second hand option at prices in the region of £1,200 – £2,500. It is also possible to lease or rent a franking machine and this option may be available at a cost of around £60 – £120 per month.

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