Neopost IJ75 Franking Machine

The Neopost IJ75.

The Neopost IJ75 is a medium to high volume, versatile mailing system designed for businesses that need their mailing system to grow in accordance with their needs. It is small, smart and almost silent. At its simplest, the IJ75 is ideal for small to medium sized businesses with modest franking requirements, yet thanks to a wide array of high tech peripherals and add-ons, this modular system can grow into a high volume business post hub to rival the best high volume options on the market today.

No Compromise on Speed

The IJ75 offers a mail processing speed of up to 180 letters per minute with dynamic weighing and 90 letters per minute without. Automatic feeding reduces manual input even further.

Flexible and User Friendly

The IJ75 is designed with the user in mind. An easy to access interface allows anyone within the business to use the machine intuitively, so you don’t have to have dedicated staff just for postage.

Modular Made Easy

Growing the machine is as simple as upgrading or buying in new peripherals. Scale options range from 3 to 30 kg whilst dynamic weighing offers extra benefits like calculating postage cost on items up to 1 kg and double speeds. Other add-ons include automatic sealing, stacking and label dispensing.

Simple Cost Control

The IJ75 allows you to track up to 200 cost centres. Via a PC connection, analysis and accounting tools become available too, allowing you total management over your postage costs and offering opportunities to reduce these even further.

Easy Re-crediting

Never run out of postage again! The IJ75 offers quick access to Credifon, Neopost’s quick and easy re-crediting system, which operates 24 hours per day.

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