Neopost IJ80 Franking Machine

The Neopost IJ80.

If you have a high level of outgoing mail in your company, then you’re going to need a robust franking machine with large processing capacity. The compact Neopost IJ80 franking machine is just such a device.


The Neopost IJ80 can handle a maximum of 185 letters per minute, which is over 11,000 letters per hour at full capacity. However, that level of productivity is only achieved if you know how much each letter weighs and you’re not using the machine to do complex calculations for you. Once you start using the differential weighing facility the speed reduces, although you’ll still be able to process around 100 letters per minute, which is more than enough for the average company’s needs. If you opt for the conveyor stacker, your post will be efficiently collected as well. Of course, for non-standard post, there is the customary label franking capability. Scales come in 3, 5, 10 and 30 kg options and can even be upgraded remotely via the OLS system (Online Services) if you find you need a higher capacity.

As well as managing the scales, OLS can provide you with low ink alerts and software updates, including postal rate changes. Used alongside the Credifon credit download facility which enables you to update postal credit at any time, you have everything you need to manage the day-to-day franking operations of your organisation.

The touch-screen controls are easy to use, with the convenience of 10 programmable jobs for postal amounts you use on a regular basis. You can also programme in up to 9 advertising slogans and 9 text messages to be printed as part of the franking process.

The standard package gives you 50 cost centres, or you can upgrade to 200 or 500 if needed, and the optional MAS (Mail Accounting Software) can help you analyse your expenditure.


The price of this machine is likely to be a little under the £2,000 mark and rental is estimated at about £100 per month. Some deals may even have maintenance and service included.

To find out further information specific to your business, you’ll need to get a quote. Click here to find out more.

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