Neopost IS-280 Franking Machine

The Neopost IS-280 is a franking machine primarily aimed at small and growing businesses. It is the second cheapest franking machine produced by Neopost and the current RRP is *£1,250. A basic after-care package is available for an additional *£186 per year, which includes telephone support. A more advanced after-care plan is available for *£280 per year.

The Neopost IS-280 with a computer attached.

Machine Capabilities

The IS-280 is capable of 1200 cycles per hour and can print directly onto envelopes up to 8 mm in thickness. Alternatively, the machine can print onto labels which can then be attached to the envelopes.

The weighing platform is an integral part of the machine and can weigh items up to a maximum weight of 2 kg. The machine itself weighs just 7.5 kg.

Internal memory allows the programming of postal rates for easy future use.

Ink Costs

A replacement red ink cartridge costs *£82.99 and a box of 2000 labels costs *£61.99 (reduced to *£49.59 per box on orders over 20 boxes). A starter pack is available for
*£89.99 which represents good value as it includes an ink cartridge, an assortment of envelopes, labels and a letter opener.

Additional Information

The Neopost IS-280 can save as much as 34% in comparison to using regular stamps (based on sending a 2nd class letter by franking machine versus stamp using Royal Mail). All Royal Mail services are available including Overseas, Recorded and Special Delivery. Low ink alerts and online ordering keep everything running smoothly. The IS-280 can also be used to promote your company by printing promotional and marketing logos and slogans.

*Prices as of September 2014.

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