Neopost IS-330 Franking Machine

The Neopost IS-330.

The Neopost IS-330 is a compact franking machine aimed at small businesses dealing with a low volume (15 to 100 items) of mail per day. The IS-330 is ideally suited to a small office or post room, handling letters and small packages up to 10 mm thick.


Installing the IS-330 could not be easier; simply connect the power cable, analogue telephone cable, load the ink cartridge, labels and the lead to an optionally connected PC. Configuration of passwords, accounts, access rights, adding postage, connection set-up, reports and PINs must be done through the Supervisor mode. The Operator Guide contains fully illustrated instructions on how to perform all of the functions and tasks that the IS-330 has to offer.

Key Features

The key features of the IS-330 include:

  • An integrated Weigh Platform with a weight capacity of 2 kg
  • The ability to process up to 40 letters/min
  • A Control Panel interface with function buttons, pre-sets and numeric keypad
  • Standard, Manual or Differential (optional) weight entry
  • The ability to process mail items up to 10 mm thick
  • Ink Jet printing
  • Up to 10 accounts (which can optionally be raised to 100)
  • Ability to process incoming mail with a received stamp
  • Slogans and graphics may be downloaded from Online Services
  • Job Memories stored through the use of Pre-sets
  • Supervisor Mode including enabling password/PIN creation, account set-up and reporting
  • Automatic Feeder and Sealer (both optional) enabling a larger range of envelope sizes and thicknesses
  • Envelope size 330 mm x 254 mm (max) and 89 mm x 127 mm (min)
  • Reporting functions include, amongst others, Credit Usage, Batch Data, daily/monthly Postage usage, account list and Credit/Re-credit Reports


The IS-330 has two rear facing interfaces, the first an analogue telephone cable port for connecting to Postal Services and Customer Online services; and the second a LAN port which can connect via a PC for Customer Online services and/or accounting software.


Maintenance of the IS-330 is generally low level and includes such tasks as replacing ink cartridges, aligning and cleaning print heads (done through the Operator Panel) and adding water to the moistener reservoir.

Running Costs

The largest expense, as with most franking/printing devices is the cost of replacement ink cartridges which come in at around £50 and which should be good for some 6,500 impressions. The cost of a new IS-330 is around £1,370, while a leased machine will cost an indicative £48 per month.


Fortunately, the majority of problems with the machine will predominantly be to do with dealing with paper jams and weighing problems, both of which are dealt with in the Operator Guide. More technical troubleshooting may require reference to the Display Panel and running a series of self-diagnostic tests on the machine.

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