Neopost IS-5000 Franking Machine

The Neopost IS-5000.

The Neopost-IS-5000 franking machine possesses a number of features which contribute to the overall user-friendliness of the design. Operational menus provide an intuitive navigation system for users, with shortcut keys allowing for commonly performed tasks to be carried out quickly. These functions are enabled through a customisable and full-colour touch-screen, with customers also offered the option of a keyboard, providing a simple and familiar interface for the initial set up of the system.

Additional Features

Additional features of the IS-5000 include a high capacity envelope feeder and a mixed mail feeder system. This system removes the need for the operator to manually organise mail items prior to franking, saving both time and effort. An inbuilt scale also enables mail items to be automatically weighed, ensuring correct postage details are consistently applied for larger mail items. For conventional envelopes, a duel-pump spray sealant system ensures a strong and secure seal is applied, providing peace of mind for the operator. The IS-5000 also supports Mailmark, Royal Mail’s next generation of 2-D franking mark.


Prices for the Neopost-IS-5000 may vary somewhat, depending upon which distributor the system is purchased from, and whether the system is purchased outright or rented. Outright purchase may be considered more suitable for large established businesses, with prices in the region of £13,900. Alternatively, the system is available for lease, often for rental periods of 5 years, for approximately £440 per month. This may represent a more appealing option for smaller scale or recently started businesses with limited cash flow. An additional after-care service is also available for £1,215 per year.

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  • my company is looking for a heavy duty franking machine specification
    capacity range 200 to 300 envelopes per min
    franking per day above 20,000

    • Hi Mahendra,

      Thanks for your comment, in which case I would suggest completing our form for a pricing quote. You can specify the volume you need there and we can get prices from the biggest suppliers. The form is at the top right of this page, “Click here to get a free franking machine quote.”


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