Pitney Bowes DM800 Franking Machine

The Pitney Bowes DM800 Digital Mailing System is aimed at medium to large businesses which generate a high volume of outgoing mail and comes with a maximum franking capacity of up to 15,300 envelopes per hour.

Key Features and Functions

The features and functions of the DM800 include:

  • Twin USB ports to enable connection to PC, printer or scales.
  • Internal modem to allow dial-up connectivity to the Data Centre to enable Postage by Phone refills, postcode and tariff updates and postal inspection audits.
  • Up to 210 pieces per minute in non-WOW mode.
  • Stores up to 10 advertisements for printing alongside postal frank.
  • Capacity to create up to 300 accounts.
  • IntelliLink Control Centre featuring an operator display panel, specific function keys, numeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard: this is the primary interface between the Operator and machine.
  • Art Card slot where optional downloaded customised advertisements and inscriptions are printed from.
  • A moistener to seal envelopes.
  • Drop stacker/Power Stacker (optional) – where the processed mail is deposited.
  • Mail Processing up to 12 mm in thickness.
  • 6 available weighing options including WOW (weigh-on-the-way), differential weighing, weigh 1st piece, manual weight entry, attached scale or attached scale with tape.
  • Up to 10 customised Pre-sets allowing automatic activation of frequent jobs.
  • Supervisor Mode access to the DM800 allows management, administration and set-up through the IntelliLink Control Centre display panel enabling password/PIN creation, account set-up, Postage by Phone refills and reporting.


An extensive array of reports can be run and printed on envelopes or role tape using the internal mailing system printer. For more far reaching reports an external printer must be attached to the DM800. Reports available from the IntelliLink Control Centre console include, amongst others:

  • Single account report
  • Multi-account summary
  • Last 5 refills
  • Error report
  • System set-up
  • Job report

Running Costs

A small number of expendables are required to run the DM800, they typically include ink cartridges, role tape, E-Z sealing solution and reporting stationary, with the most expensive being ink cartridges. Caution is required when purchasing ink cartridges for the DM800 to ensure compatibility is maintained. A typical cost for third-party supplied compatible ink cartridge is £95 while a genuine Pitney Bowes cartridge is about £200.


The DM800 requires very little maintenance other than filling up the sealing moistener bottle, cleaning/replacing the moistener brush, replacing the role tape and ink cartridges when required, cleaning the print head assembly and printing test pages when required.


A comprehensive section on how to troubleshoot some of the common problems associated with the DM800 is contained within the User’s Guide. Reference can also be made to the Help button on the DM800 mailing system itself.

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