Pitney Bowes K700 Franking Machine

The Pitney Bowes K700.

Finding a franking machine that will service your requirements can be a confusing and time-consuming exercise with so many different devices on the market.

For small office or home-based businesses, time is of the essence and finding the correct product is paramount to keeping running costs at a minimum.

One of the many manufacturers and distributors of franking machines, for all sizes of business, is Pitney Bowes. With over 90 years of experience in the mailing world, you can be assured they provide efficient, professional and modern digital machines.

The K700

This model is more commonly known as the DM55. It is a great, compact attribute for any small business and can frank up to 18 envelopes per minute while also printing personalised business information for promotional purposes.

Labels can be printed for larger envelopes and parcels which are manually fed through the machine.

It comes with an integral 2.5 kg weighing platform which gives accurate postal tariffs, thereby avoiding over or under-charging.

By using Pitney Bowes IntelliLink technology, up to date postal rates can be automatically downloaded and postal credit can be simply obtained by telephone.

Operator PIN protection is available to secure usage.

Store up to 10 separate client accounts.

The K700 comes with an auto date facility ensuring mail is correctly timed and dated.


For smaller businesses, it is more popular to hire franking machines, thereby keeping cost and maintenance in one simple bundle. Renting can cost as little as £20 per month, whilst purchasing this model can set you back around £1,300.

For approximately 1,100 franks you can expect to pay £55 per in cartridge and mailing labels cost around £37.
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