Pitney Bowes K721 Franking Machine

The Pitney Bowes K721.

The Pitney Bowes K721 is one of the digital franking machines in the Pitney Bowes Mailstation series, providing up to 20% savings on bulk postage costs. The machine has a classic matte grey and blue finish and is a compact size at 351 x 264 x 231 mm.


The K721 model is reliable, easy to maintain and very simple to use. The LCD display sits just below the control panel and fixed on the right hand side of the unit is a built-in scale for weighing the mail. Envelopes, labels, and parcel packaging can be inserted into the appropriate slot when the machine is ready to print and the user can then be provided with budgeting details as the K721 can keep track of the cost of the mailings sent out to customers. In addition, envelope messaging is available which can make the end finish look more professional and personalised.

The K721 is also regularly updated with the newest postal rates, and is SMART-enabled, allowing data to be transmitted back to the Royal Mail to generate VAT statements so that customers can make appropriate VAT claims from HMRC.


Unfortunately, the K721 can no longer be purchased new as Pitney Bowes has discontinued this model. Many companies may still be using this machine and there may be a second hand market, but there are no general prices available.

On the plus side, for present owners, there are still plenty of companies who supply ink cartridges. For example: a K721 Series Pitney Bowes genuine blue Smart 797-0 SB franking ink cartridge (800 impressions) can currently be ordered online for £66.50 excluding VAT (cost as of September 2014).

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