Franking Machine Suppliers – Royal Mail Approved Manufacturers & Companies

Franking Machine Suppliers – Royal Mail Approved Manufacturers & Companies

Royal Mail must approve and accredit each and every franking machine supplier in the UK. Currently there are only 4 companies authorised to make and sell franking machines in the UK and 20 independent suppliers who can service, inspect, sell, rent and lease machines to the public.

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The list of manufacturers:

1. Neopost Ltd

Neopost are a leading supplier of mailroom solutions in the UK and globally.

They are the biggest manufacturer of franking machines in the UK. And one of only four authorised by Royal Mail to do so.

South Street

2. Pitney Bowes Ltd

Pitney Bowes is a leading provider of customer communication technologies, and the number 1 franking machines supplier worldwide.

They are one of only four companies in the UK authorised to sell their franking machines by Royal Mail.

5 Trident Place, Mosquito Way
AL10 9UJ

3. Francotyp Postalia Ltd

Another of the four Franking machine equipment manufactures authorised to sell in the UK.

Since 1923 Francotyp-Postalia Ltd has been operating in the UK, for over 20 years they have been simply known as FP.

FP have always been at the forefront of innovation introducing the first automatic franking machine, the first electronic franking machine, the first digital franking machine, first inkjet machine and more recently the first multi-carrier machine to meet the new de-regulated age.

Lakeside House
74 Questor
Powdermill Lane


4. Frama UK Ltd

One of four Royal Mail approved manufacturers of franking machine equipment.

Established in 1990, Frama (UK) Limited operates Nationwide, employing a staff of over 40 combined with a network of dedicated distributors and maintainers serving over 11,000 customers.

15 Limes Court
High Street

EN11 8EP

However, just because there are only 4 authorised manufacturers does not mean you have to buy/rent from one of them. In addition to the companies listed above you can also choose to purchase, rent, lease or service your franking machine using one of the following 20 independent suppliers.

They often have better deals and/or better service than the large international manufacturers listed above.

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1. Annodata Ltd

A Royal Mail accredited independent franking machine inspector and maintainer based in Hertfordshire.

Annodata, formed in 1988, has grown into one of Europe’s largest independent vendors for print, document, data and communication technologies that drive enterprises.

Shannon House Station Road
Kings Langley

2. Ashcroft Mailing Solutions

An independent franking machine inspector and maintainer based in Warwickshire

Kinwarton House
Captains Hill

B49 6HA

3. Digital Communication Systems Limited

An independent inspector and maintainer for Northumberland.

7-8 Benton Terrace
Sandyford Road

Newcastle upon Tyne

4. Digital Solutions Limited

A distributor, inspector and maintainer for Lanarkshire.

14 Dunblane Street
G4 0HJ

5. European Postal Systems Ltd

European Postal Systems Ltd is one of the largest independent suppliers of mailroom equipment in the United Kingdom which is Royal Mail approved.

As an independent supplier they are not tied to any specific manufacturer, so they can recommend and tailor a solution to meet your postal requirements using the latest technology and advancements – for now and for the future.

Unit D3
Lomer Farm Industrial Estate
Wrotham Road

DA13 0AN

6. FPIMS Southern Ltd

IMS are a family run business who have been in business since 1988. They supply mailroom equipment to companies across the UK.

Unit 4 Saturn House Calleva Park

7. Franking Machine Company
FMC was founded in 1986 to offer a totally independent source of advice, supply and on-going support for franking equipment. They were recognised by The Royal Mail as a fully approved independent maintainer of franking machines, however in December 2012 they went into administration. In September 2013, certain parts of their business were acquired by

130 St Mary’s Road
L19 2JG

8. Kane Mailing Systems Ltd

Kane Mailing Systems Ltd is family owned and controlled.

Kane was founded in 1989 and is now the largest independent supplier of franking machines and associated equipment in the UK. Kane Mailing Systems Specialise in Franking Machines throughout Cardiff, Newport Gwent, Swansea West Wales, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, North Wales, South West, West Midlands.

Glamorgan House
Ystrad Mynach

CF82 7AN

9. Mailcoms Limited

Mailcoms was started back in 2005 from a converted garage at the family home in Cannock, Staffordshire.

By 2008 Mailcoms were awarded the accolade of approved Royal Mail™ Independent Maintainers and Inspectors of postal franking machines. You’ll find Mailcoms listed on the Royal Mail web site under- Approved Suppliers Inspectors and Maintainers.

3 & 4 Heritage Park
Hayes Way

WS11 7LT

10. The Mailing Room UK

The Mailing Room is a leading supplier of mailroom equipment and consumables including franking machines, postal scales, folding and inserting machines and letter openers.

To guarantee the high quality of service The Mailing Room has established a nationwide network of engineers. They work especially closely with both Pitney Bowes and FP Mailing.

Southerly 7, Waterfold Business Park
Greater Manchester

11. Mailing Systems (UK) Ltd

Mailing Systems Ltd (MSE) are one of the UK’s leading providers of postroom equipment for businesses, schools, colleges and local authorities.

Approved by the Royal Mail, they offer a bespoke and competitive service that will enhance and improve the performance and professional image of your company.

Unit 1
Salisbury Road

North Somerset
BS22 8EW

12. Nationwide Franking Sense Ltd

Nationwide Franking Sense ltd have been supplying Postal Franking systems for nearly 20 years. They are a Royal Mail approved independent inspector and maintainer for Lancashire.

Nationwide House
Mossbank Way


13. NCS Group Ltd

An independent inspector and maintainer for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NCS understand the importance of good service and have developed a highly skilled customer support team to ensure that all of their mail room solutions are backed up by first class support.

65 Rodney Street
G4 9SQ

14. North Time and Data Ltd

They are Northern Ireland’s premier supplier of Franking Machines & Folder Inserters. An authorised inspector and maintainer.

Enterprise Crescent,
Ballinderry Road Industrial Estate

County Antrim
BT28 2PB

15. Northern Services

Northern Services have been a major player in the Franking Machine Industry for over twenty years supplying: Postal franking machines, Electronic postal scales, and Folding and inserting equipment.

They also carry out fully comprehensive maintenance to comply with strict Royal Mail regulations.

10 Albion Way
Kelvin Industrial Estate

East Kilbride
G75 0YN

16. NSL Mailing

NSL Mailing are one of the UK’s Royal Mail accredited Franking Machine suppliers & maintainers.

NSL Mailing will offer expert, impartial advice on franking machines both to rent or buy as well as supplies.

Cedar House Vine Lane
Greater London
UB10 0NF

17. OMM Group

OMM products and services are supplied throughout London and the UK, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

OMM House
16-22 Abbey Trading Point
Canning road

E15 3NW

18. Totalpost Services Plc.

Totalpost is a completely independent privately owned concern based in Cumbria with offices and processing locations in Warrington and Swindon.

They are one of the biggest manufacturers of franking machine cartridges and consumables in Europe and holder of approvals from Royal Mail and Deutsche Post.

1 Skelgillside

19. Twofold Ltd

Twofold are proud to have over 2000 UK customers, including over 90 of the FTSE 100 companies, and nearly one in two public sector bodies. Based in Berkshire they are a Royal Mail approved independent inspector and maintainer.

77 Milford Road

20. Westmore Business Systems Ltd

They are able to supply and maintain Franking Machines, Folder Inserters, Letter Openers, Photocopiers and Modular Print Engines.

2 Arrow Court Adams Way
Springfield Business Park

B49 6PU

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    • Carol, you’re quite right that they have gone into administration. On September 2, 2013: “…The Mailing Room, purchased certain assets of the business and successfully, legally assigned all ongoing customer contracts to themselves from the Companies in Administration.” Source. However, outstanding contracts still exist under the Franking Machine Company brand and thus remain listed as an official Royal Mail Supplier. I will make a note of it above.

  • Why are The Mailing Room not on the list? They are an Royal Mail accredited independent franking machine inspector and maintainer

    • Hi Diana,

      First of all this is not the official Royal Mail website. Second, they are approved but were registered under the name FPIMS. However, they are the same firm. Hope that helps.

  • I notice you list the franking.machine company as in administration but I discover it is not actually them but the franking machine company supplies where this has happened. The franking machine company ltd are an independent company who are approved by Royal Mail and not the company in administration. I have an agreement with them and realise they appear to be confused with this other company. Surely they should be on your list?

    • Hi, Nationwide Franking Sense has been trading for over 23 years and was the first independent supplier of franking machines that was approved by the Royal Mail. Franking Sense also supply franking machines across the whole of England, Scotland & Wales, they have also over 4000 customers.

  • Why are The Franking Machine Company not currently listed? They are independently accredited by Royal Mail and have been around for over 20 years. I know as I have worked there for 10 in the service department.

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